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Natural Gas is the future fuel of cities. It is cheaper in cost than LPG and Liquid Fuels. It is Non Polluting as well. Government of India has taken an initiative to provide PNG for Domestic Household and CNG for Automotive across major cities and towns of the country.

In the 5th round of bidding by PNGRB (Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board), the consortium of Central Govt PSUs BPCL and GAIL Gas have been awardedthe authorization for laying, operating & expanding City Gas Distribution Network (CGD Network) in the Geographical Area of Haridwar District.The JV Company was incorporated on April 20, 2016 as "Haridwar Natural Gas Private Limited" and is committed to build a network of pipelines and connecting domestic customers as per the terms of authorization.

Total Area Covered under GA Haridwar – 2305 sqkm.

Some of the benefits envisaged for a Piped Natural Gas consumer are -

  • Cheaper cost
  • No Storage required
  • No pilferage
  • Even heating in processes
  • Quality and quantity assured
  •  24X7 Uninterrupted Supply

The macro level benefits for the State, society and public at large are :

  • Prevents Health Hazard of polluting fuels viz Coke, Kerosene and Firewood
  • Infrastructure development
  • Employment and enhanced standard of living
  • Green State Initiative allowing Carbon Credits
  • Cleaner fuel


Source of Gas

Our main source of gas is Bawana Nangal Pipeline. The tap off point has been given at Saharanpur from where the Saharanpur-Haridwar Pipeline (SHPL) emanates and ending at Jwalapur (Haridwar). A total of 3 tap off points from SHPL has been provided for GA Haridwar where City Gate Stations and Metering System will be set up along with the addition of the odorising agent, Ethyl Mercaptan. The tap off points at SHPL are at the following locations:

  • Roorkee (Bhagwanpur – Chandanpur) at GAIL SV Station
  • Jwalapur, Haridwar at GAIL Receiving Terminal (RT)