Pipeline Network

HNGPL - Pipeline Network

Uttarakhand State has always promoted Green Fuel. For this, it has introduced mandate for CNG Buses, Auto Rickshaws, VAT rationalization, Single window clearances.

For PNG Customers, it has many benefits like -

  • Cheaper cost
  • No Storage required
  • No pilferage
  • Even heating in processes
  • Quality and quantity assured
  • 24X7 Uninterrupted Supply

For the State, it has following benefits:

  • Prevents Health Hazard of polluting fuels viz Coke, Kerosene and Firewood
  • Infrastructure development
  • employment and enhanced standard of living
  • Green State Initiative allowing Carbon Credits
  • Cleaner fuel

Source of Gas

Our main source of gas is 36 inches Bawana Nangal Pipeline .The tap off point has been given at Saharanpur. Saharanpur-Haridwar Pipeline (SHPL) is 16 inches X 64 KM. SHPL designed at 98kg/cm2 with flow rate of 2.7 MMSCMD. 3 tap off points from SHPL has been privided for GA Haridwar where City Gate Stations and Metering System will be set up and Ethyl Mercaptan (odoring agent) will be added:

  • Roorkee (Bhagwanpur – Chandanpur) from existing pipeline of GAIL going uptoGoldplus Glass, Roorkee of 4 inchesX5.1 KM.
  • Jwalapur, Haridwar at GAIL Receiving Terminal (RT)

Total Area to be covered by Steel pipeline length in district Haridwar is 83 KM which has been designed for pressure upto 49 kg/cm2. The Proposed Pipelines are to be built with dimentions - 8inchesX30.5 km, 6inchesX17.5 KM and 4inchesX35 KM. MDPE Network - Diameter (180 mm, 125 mm, 63 mm, 32 mm, 20 mm) for within city limits and last mile connectivity upto consumer house.

Geographical Area: 2,305 Sq km Charge Areas:

Year Cumulative Inch KM of Pipelines
(Diameter X Length)
Cumulative number of PNG domestic connections
1 166 Nil
2 415 2,536
3 664 8,453
4 747 11,834
5 830 16,905