Benefits of Natural Gas

Knowing fully well that Piped Natural Gas is the obvious choice for us to make, wouldn’t it be apt if we called PNG Positively Natural Gas!!

PNG has several distinctions to its credit- of being a pollution-free fuel, easily accessible minus storage troubles, and being available at very competitive rates.

When you choose PNG, you are making a wise decision. Why not enhance your comfort and improve your lifestyle for the years to come? Experience the versatility and performance of this reliable energy source. With PNG you don’t need to make any choices, for its characteristics make it the best option for domestic and commercial purposes.

Our main source of gas is 36 inches Bawana Nangal Pipeline .The tap off point has been given at Saharanpur. Saharanpur-Haridwar Pipeline (SHPL) is 16 inches X 64 KM. SHPL designed at 98kg/cm2 with flow rate of 2.7 MMSCMD.
3 tap off points from SHPL has been privided for GA Haridwar where City Gate Stations and Metering System will be set up and Ethyl Mercaptan (odoring agent) will be added:
  • Roorkee (Bhagwanpur – Chandanpur) from existing pipeline of GAIL going uptoGoldplus Glass, Roorkee of 4 inchesX5.1 KM.

  • Jwalapur, Haridwar at GAIL Receiving Terminal (RT)
PNG offers the convenience of ensuring continuous and adequate supply of PNG at all times, without any problem of storing gas in cylinders.
The domestic consumers have to take upon themselves the trying task of booking an LPG cylinder refill, time and again. Then starts the wait for the deliveryman to deliver the cylinder. Switching over to PNG renders this entire exercise unnecessary. PNG also eliminates the tedious routine of checking LPG refill cylinder for any suspected leakage, or it being underweight, at the time of delivery. Moreover, the user is spared the inconvenience of connecting and disconnecting the LPG cylinder when out of gas. Precious space, occupied by LPG cylinders is also saved.
The combustible mixture of natural gas and air does not ignite if the mixture is leaner than 5% and richer than 15% of the air-fuel ratio required for ignition. This narrow inflammability range makes PNG one of the safest fuels in the world. Safety Tips.

Natural gas is lighter than air. Therefore, in case of a leakage, it just rises and disperses into thin air given adequate ventilation. But LPG being heavier will settle at the bottom near the floor surface.

A large quantity of LPG is stored in liquefied form in a cylinder. With PNG, it is safer since PNG installation inside your premises contains only a limited quantity of natural gas at low pressure i.e. 21 millibar (mbar).

On leakage, LPG expands 250 times, which is not the case with PNG. Supply in PNG can be switched off through appliance valve (inside the kitchen) and isolation valve (outside kitchen premises), which fully cuts off the gas supply.
Round-the-clock customer support is assured through 24 hrs number 1800-1804-131 (Toll Free) & 999-739-9976 backed by control rooms, which are manned by engineers and trained technicians. Thus complaints, if any, are promptly redressed.
Natural gas is being used predominantly as a versatile fuel in many major cities catering to domestic and commercial applications, as a cooking fuel, for water heating, space heating, air conditioning, etc.
Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, and helps improve the quality of air, especially when used in place of other more polluting energy sources. Its combustion results in virtually no atmospheric emissions of sulphurdioxide (SO2), and far lower emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), reactive hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, than combustion of other fossil fuels.

In fact, when natural gas burns completely, it gives out carbon dioxide and water vapour. These are the very components that we exhale!
The consumer is spared the task of liasioning with oil companies and co-ordinating with them for ensuring the daily supply of fuel, because PNG is supplied directly through pipes.

The daily bills, settlements and reconciliation are also avoided as the consumer is billed once a month, and that too as per the meter reading.
In case of fuels like HSD and LDO, there are considerable chances of spillage and pilferage. In case of PNG these losses are invariably done away with, for PNG is supplied through pipes.
With PNG, soot or ash accumulation and greasy spillages are absent from your appliance. Maintenance costs are, thus, driven down.