Geographical Area

Haridwar Natural Gas (P) Ltd - Geographic Area

Natural Gas is the future fuel of cities. It is cheaper in cost than LPG and Liquid Fuels. It is Non Polluting as well. That's why Government has taken major step to mandate in priority sector of PNG for Domestic Household and CNG for Automotive. Domestic Gas Allocation has been initiated by GOI for PNG and CNG.

In the 5th round of bidding by PNGRB (Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board), District Haridwar mandate has been given to the JV company of BPCL and Gail Gas. JV Company incorporated on April 20, 2016 as "Haridwar Natural Gas Private Limited".

Total Area Covered under GA Haridwar – 2305 sqkm. Three Charge Areas in district are :

  • CA01-Dariyapur Dayalpur on NH73, NH58 (Bhagwanpur Area, Roorkee)
  • CA02-Daluala Khurd (BHEL, SIIDCUL, Bahadarabad)
  • CA03-Purwala Birsangpur (Laksar area)

In 5 year target given by PNGRB, we will be covering 830 inch Km pipeline and 16905 domestic PNG Connections.

Demand Assessment done by KPMG and details of realizable demand in various sectors are:

Year Domestic Commercial Industrial Automobile Total
5th Year 0.008 MMSCMD 0.022 MMSCMD 0.274 MMSCMD 0.056 MMSCMD 0.360 MMSCMD
25th Year 0.008 MMSCMD 0.036 MMSCMD 0.449 MMSCMD 0.227 MMSCMD 0.720 MMSCMD

System Design is done considering the expected peak load in 25th year, which is way above the realizable demand:

1. Domestic 0.050 MMSCMD
2. Commercial 0.086 MMSCMD
3. Industrial 0.673 MMSCMD
4. Automobile 0.272 MMSCMD
Total 1.081 MMSCMD

Source of Gas

Our main source of gas is 36 inches Bawana Nangal Pipeline. The tap off point has been given at Saharanpur. Saharanpur-Haridwar Pipeline (SHPL) is 16 inches X 64 KM. SHPL designed at 98kg/cm2 with flow rate of 2.7 MMSCMD. 3 tap off points from SHPL has been privided for GA Haridwar where City Gate Stations and Metering System will be set up and Ethyl Mercaptan (odoring agent) will be added:

  • Roorkee (Bhagwanpur – Chandanpur) from existing pipeline of GAIL going uptoGoldplus Glass, Roorkee of 4 inchesX5.1 KM.
  • Jwalapur, Haridwar at GAIL Receiving Terminal (RT)